Air Freight

Experience a differentiated and customized air transportation service just for you.

In the current international logistics market, customer requirements such as shortening transportation time, reducing logistics cost, and securing high-quality services and stability are diversifying and increasing day by day. We provide the best air international logistics service through the logistics know-how accumulated to meet the requirements of various markets and the network connecting the world.


Standard transportation service to ensure stable transportation for general cargo

Air transportation service for urgent small cargo such as express documents and product samples

Providing fast and safe air transportation service without restrictions on cargo size and weight

Providing customized service with reasonable and reasonable routing proposals suitable for customer’s logistics pattern


Provides specialized services for large volume cargo (engines, drilling equipment, molds, etc.) and heavy cargo transportation

IATA (International Air Transport Association) provision of specialized services for transporting dangerous goods

Provides specialized services for transporting fresh cargo (flowers, fruits, aquatic products, meat products, etc.)

Providing specialized services for transporting live animals that require temperature control and operation of air circulation devices

Provides specialized services for transporting expensive valuable cargo or cargo sensitive to shock/vibration

Special vehicle transportation services such as luxury cars and test cars

Provision of specialized services for transporting pharmaceuticals using special temperature-controlled containers