DYC Corp. is a company that improves the driving ability of world-class cars. As a global auto parts company specializing in manufacturing power train parts, it is recognized for its solid quality and reliability in the global auto parts market, and is growing along with future automobile technology beyond today’s satisfaction.


Founded in 1969, INFAC first entered the automotive industry by manufacturing mechanical control cables, and has grown 15% annually over the past 20 years based on our sincerity and dedication to our customers. Currently, we are constantly striving to become a global leader in the automotive OEM industry by entering the eco-friendly technology fields such as electric vehicle batteries and electric control systems, which are the core of future automobile trends.


established in 1979, is a company specializing in automobile intake and fuel system parts. Currently, there are overseas production subsidiaries in China and the United States, such as Sorihan Kang, Leehan Beijing, and Leehan America, and they have signed strategic technical alliances with Visteon of the United States and Lucas-TVS of India. going out