Ocean Freight

We promise to provide TOP CLASS logistics services

By signing preferential service contracts through strategic alliances with domestic and overseas shipping companies, we secure competitive freight rates and provide the best service to customers.
In addition, we provide optimized logistics services to customers through logistics solutions that consider the characteristics of various cargoes from general cargo to special cargo.


Provides flexible and fast FCL services through strong partnerships with various shipping companies

Conducted with LCL consolidation partners equipped with global network, providing stable service and competitive price

Special container services such as SOC(Shipper’s Owned Container) ISO Tank(Int’l Standardization for Organization), Flexibag, Reefer container, etc.


Steel, petrochemical, grain, fertilizer, cement, ore, coal, scrap metal, log, etc. This is an optimal transportation solution that considers the specificity of each cargo serving from small cargo to PANAMAX SIZE (80,000 MT).

Provides special tanker service specialized for liquid cargo such as edible and industrial oils, general chemicals, petrochemicals, etc.

Road survey, route survey considering the specificity of each cargo such as plant equipment, large machinery, etc. Comprehensive consulting service such as special vehicle arrangement for transportation simulation, domestic and overseas barge ship service

Provides a dedicated car line service optimized for vehicles such as passenger cars(new and used cars) trucks, buses, and heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and crushers