Rail Freight

TOTAL RAILWAY SOLUTION provided by years of experience

Domestic and overseas rail transport services are complex logistics services in which immediate response to frequently occurring issues between transport is essential, and cooperation with local experts is essential. We promise to provide TOTAL RAILWAY SOLUTION through strategic business alliances with RAILWAY SERVICE specialized companies.


Among the routes from the Far East to Europe, major ports on the west coast of North America, and from there to the eastern coast of North America using a transverse railroad

Access to Atlantic Ocean Transportation from Montreal on the East Coast using Canadian Rail

It is similar to ALB and transports to ports in the East Coast of the United States or the Gulf region

In response to IPI service, cargo transported by sea to the U.S. Gulf area on the east coast of the U.S. and landed is transported inland via rail and truck


Shipping services are provided by shipping companies or consolation companies from major ports in the Asia, Europe, Africa to cities in the U.S. through major ports in the U.S. West Coast or East Coast.


Providing competitive prices by efficiently utilizing freight cars and railroad transport in the working section as a measure to increase logistics costs due to Corona etc.
Get and compare real time offers in clearly arranged metrics. Determine the best option quickly and efficiently. View and edit all your shipping documents online 24/7. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in one system. Get a 24/7 overview of your entire supply chain with real time location data. Provide accurate ETAs to internal and external stakeholders.